You want to preserve your health as there is no replacing it once you have lost it. This is especially true when it comes to your back. If you have ever had back pain you know how difficult simple activities of daily living can be. If you have never had back pain, that is wonderful. Surely you know of someone who has suffered from back pain and how miserable the person felt.

When you have back pain you may have to skip out on activities you once loved to do. Your family may be planning a trip to watch a game. You know you cannot sit in the bleachers or chairs that the football or baseball field offers. You will miss out on this quality family time due to back pain.

When you have back pain you may not sleep well at night. You may toss and turn just to try to find that comfortable spot. Once you finally fall asleep you may move in your sleep only to wake up from sharp back pain. You may have a difficult time trying to fall back asleep. You may do this night after night and start to lose your health as you are not getting enough sleep. You may become irritable which is understandable. Your immune system will not be as defensive to germs and diseases since you are feeling run down. All of this can be prevented if you invest in an ergonomic office furniture to keep your back healthy.

If you work sitting down for the majority of the day an ergonomic office chair is the way to keep your back healthy.  Ergonomic back chairs will keep your posture correct which in turn will keep your back relaxed even for many hours at a time.

When you are looking to buy an ergonomic back chair to keep your back healthy you want to make sure that the seat adjusts 16 inches to 21 inches above the ground. When your ergonomic back chair is the correct height you will be able to keep your feet flat on the floor. Do not buy an ergonomic chair if your feet do not touch the floor. You can opt for  ergonomic back chairs that are made smaller for you so it fits your body type; this is extremely important to getting the perfect fit.

You will most likely want arm rests on your ergonomic back chair so that you can rest your arms. When you rest your arms periodically on your home office furniture you will take the strain off of your shoulders and neck.

The back seat of ergonomic back chairs should be in the shape of your spine curvature so that your body molds right into it. The back of the chair should be 12 inches to 19 inches wide so you and others can fit into the chair comfortably.
Your ergonomic office chair’s seat should be 17 to 21 inches wide so that you can sit comfortably against the backrest.
Protect your back with an ergonomic back chair to keep your back healthy. You will enjoy your life much more when you are pain free.


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